Coral Hand-Painted Open-Weave Linen Throw

Coral Hand-Painted Open-Weave Linen Throw

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Coral Hand-Painted Open-Weave Throw

A light ombre linen blanket like this is the perfect home accent for the summer months, when you don't need a heavy wool blanket for warmth, but instead prefer a light, breezy handmade home throw to decorate your home. A bright pop of color lights up any bedroom or living room and looks just as good on a bed as it does on a couch or chair.

These throws have been discontinued due to the short supply of this fabric. These are our last throws in this weave. 

About the Artisans

This one-of-a-kind coral orange linen throw is handmade by a husband and wife team of artisans in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. Each of these throws' hand-mixed colors is inspired by the light and color of this island, and the artisans hand paint each piece for layered texture and depth.


Approx. size: 57"x88".


These double-ply throws are made with open-weave linen that has a beautiful rustic texture, with a natural drape and light weight to it. Use these linens in the bedroom or living room, but please keep inside as sunlight could fade the delicate brushstrokes and colors over time.

Care Instructions

Dry clean only

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