Laurel Hand Carved Solid Wood Huanco Stool

Laurel Hand Carved Solid Wood Huanco Stool

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This beautiful Laurel Hand Carved Solid Wood Huanco Stool is crafted from solid wood, creating a warm, natural look perfect for any rustic or organic-modern home. Its minimalist, artisanal design makes this stool the perfect addition to any bedroom, living room, or nursery.

This artisanal wooden stool was carved by hand from a single piece of wood, with no separate parts or joints. It's truly a work of art and craftsmanship and a beautiful, rustic addition to any home decor. 

About the Artisans

This artisanal home decor stool is hand carved by Hector is in a small town surrounded by the Andes Mountains, Volcanoes, and Lakes in the South of Chile. Hector uses the traditional indigenous techniques of the Mapuche people to carve the stool.

Wood Carving in the South of Chile is one of the most traditional manifestations of the indigenous Mapuche people, inherited from generation to generation, where they use native wood from the forests. All artisan work at Atacama Home is created and sourced following fair trade practices.


Measurements can vary slightly due to hand carved nature:

Medium: 16"long x 7"wide x 12"tall

Large: 17.25"long x 11"wide x 14.5" tall


The wood used for this stool is from the Laurel tree, the same tree that produces the automatic bay leaves used to season soups and a variety of other dishes. These trees are harvested using sustainable methods that do not harm the environment.

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