100% Recycled Anodized Aluminum Tumbler - Light Blue

100% Recycled Anodized Aluminum Tumbler - Light Blue

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Colorful cups for your summer drinks

Make your summer outings more festive with this beautiful collection of 100% Recycled Anodized Aluminum pitchers and coordinating tumblers. Mix and match colors and create a stylish offering to enjoy cold, refreshing drinks indoors and out. The anodizing process makes them resilient and bonds the color to the metal, protecting it from fading or corrosion. Available in 20 oz, 14 oz, and 8 oz. sizes.



Tall: 4" Dia. x 5" Tall, 20 oz.
Medium: 4" Dia. x 3.75" Tall, 14 oz.
Small: 3.75" Dia. x 2.75" Tall, 8 oz.


100% Recycled Anodized Aluminum

Care Instructions

These pieces are best hand washed with mild soap using a soft sponge and warm water, dry with a soft washcloth. Not recommended for use with dishwashers, microwave, ovens, direct heat, or hot liquids. Please don't use abrasive cleaners or scrubs as they might scratch the surface.

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