Open Weave Linen Hand Painted Curtains in Orange and Yellow Ombre

Open Weave Linen Hand Painted Curtains in Orange and Yellow Ombre

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Artisanal Handmade Curtain Set in Orange and Yellow

These sheer curtains are hand painted with an ombre pattern in different shades of orange and yellow. The open weave linen fabric lets light through while creating a beautiful separation between the outside world and the home. Perfect for a bedroom or living room window. 

This is our last orange and yellow curtain from Espanyolet, a husband and wife team working in Mallorca Spain to create these unique hand painted textiles. These curtains have been discontinued, so this is the last pair, and there will never be any more like them! If you love them, get them now, because once they are gone, that's it.

Spring and Summer

Summer is just around the corner and these curtains are perfect to let in lots of natural light and diffuse it in a beautiful way. Or maybe you live in a climate where it's always warm and breezy! If so, these summer curtains are made for you. 


The price listed is for one curtain. 

About the Artisans

A husband and wife team of artisans hand paints these and other textiles in their studio in Southern Spain.


The curtain is approximately 100" x 60"



Care Instructions

Dry clean.

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