5 Things About Handmade Blankets You Probably Didn't Know

5 Things About Handmade Blankets You Probably Didn't Know

Making a blanket is an act of love. So much thought, time, energy, and spirit goes into making one, and it's more than just sewing a few pieces of fabric together. Each stitch is carefully placed, each dye is carefully chosen, and all the materials are hand-picked to ensure a high-quality result. To shed some light on the process, here are five things about handmade blankets you probably didn't know.

Made With All-Natural Organic Dyes

The dyes used to create the vibrancy of these handmade blankets are organic and made from the Earth. For those who are allergic to chemically manufactured dyes, you can rest easy knowing the organic dyes used in the blankets come from nature. Each dye pattern is all-natural, regardless of technique, type, or style.

Different Materials for Extra Softness and Warmth

Whether your preference is cotton, Merino wool, or llama wool, all of these options are available to you. Merino wool, for example, is among the softest wool on the market and will feel like warm silk against your skin. If you're looking for something warmer to get you through cold winters, llama wool is dense, soft, and great for retaining heat.

Many Different Weaving Styles

When you buy a handmade blanket, you're not just getting a simple square of fabric. You can choose from tassels, fringe, Pom Poms of different textures, and crocheting. That's just for the edges of your blanket! Many hand-woven blankets come in intricate stripes and geometric patterns that draw the eye. They are beautiful and cozy, meaning there's something for every home.

Everything Is Done by Hand

Your hand-woven blanket is just that—made by hand. The material collection, design process, weaving, and every step in between is done by hand as well. This ensures you're receiving a unique piece of art, making no two blankets the same.

Made by Creative Talents and Woven Using Traditional Methods

At Atacama home, our hand-woven blankets for sale are all made by talented artists in Latin America, Spain, and Portugal. Some artists craft blankets using traditional methods like the backstrap loom—a tool used for centuries in countries such as Peru. Not only are you receiving a beautiful piece of art, but you're getting a piece of generational tradition, culture, and history in every blanket you buy.

These are only five things about handmade blankets you probably didn't know, and there is so much more to discover. With no two products being the same, you're bound to have a gorgeous and unique piece that will fit your beautiful home.