5 Ways to Freshen up your Home Decor for the New Year

A couch with black and white throw pillows and black resin vases on a coffee table.

Start the year off with some styling tips for your home

Now that the new year is upon us, it can feel like your home decor is in need of a change. You might even want to change the design of your home completely. If that’s what you want to do, you should definitely do it! But, if you want to freshen up your home and make it look new without buying all new furniture or repainting the walls, we have some great tips for you on how to make your home decor look new by just buying a few key pieces. 

Get New Throw Pillows

Getting all new throw pillows is a great way to make last season’s couch feel new again. If you have a neutral couch then adding a pop of color can go a long way to brightening up your home and making it feel more open and new. If you have a colorful couch you can go with a complementary color for your throw pillows or cushions to change up the color story of your space. 

The added benefit of getting new throw pillows is that pillows tend to get worn through repeated use, so if you’ve had your throw pillows for a while and they have a synthetic filling like polyester fluff instead of a natural down, they can start to look lumpy. Getting new throw pillows that are fluffy and have a good shape will make your seating area look new and tidy. 

Bonus tip: When buying the inserts for your throw pillows you should get a size that is 2 inches bigger than the size of your pillow sham. For example, if your throw pillow is 20in by 20in, you should get an insert that is 22in by 22in. Your throw pillows will look much more full and will stay fluffy longer that way!

If you want to really upgrade your throw pillow game, you can get some handmade artisanal pillows. Handmade decor lasts longer because there is more attention to detail in the manufacturing process, as they are made one by one. Artisanal home decor that is fair trade ensures that the skilled craftspeople making your decor are paid fairly for their work. 

Add a pop of color with a new throw

A pop of color that complements or contrasts the colorway of your living room or bedroom is the perfect cost effective way to change up your decor without getting a new couch or bed. Colors like tiffany blue, rosewood, or mustard can really brighten a room and draw your eye to the new item in the room, making the whole area feel new!

Look for natural fibers when you buy your throws and blankets, especially if you like to cozy up with them when it gets cold this winter. Wool is a great natural fiber and is naturally stain resistant because of the lanolin in the sheep’s wool. If you are worried about a scratchy texture, look for merino wool, mohair, or llama wool as a softer alternative. Natural wool throws will keep you warm while still being able to breathe, helping you regulate your body temperature and stay cozy on winter nights. Cotton is a great option that is easy to clean. You can machine wash most cotton fabrics and they are also very warm while being breathable depending on the weight of the cotton. 

A new dinnerware set

The best way to make your kitchen and dining room feel fresh and new this year is to get a new dinnerware set. You can always keep your old one and mix and match when you want to liven things up. If you had a white dinner set, get a black one instead. If you had a colorful set of plates and bowls, get a neutral one. We love a blue or aqua dinnerware set for the new year, and different glazes create unique textures that will draw the eye and make your kitchen decor look new and modern. You’ll be surprised how this one small change will elevate your dining experience. 

Get one new show stopping centerpiece

Draw the eye with a brand new showstopping piece for your coffee table, dinner table, or a floor sculpture for your living room. A big bold sculpture will draw the eye and put your couch, dining table, or bookcase into a new context. Resin decor is the new material for 2023 and the bold and gorgeous designs that artists have been creating with resin will make your space look new and modern. 

Put a rug on a wall

Getting a new rug can completely change up your space, but a large rug can take weeks to order and months to get to your home, and you want your place looking new in January! A great alternative to a large new area rug is to get a smaller rug and hang it on your wall. A small rug can take up a huge space on a wall, and let you be bold and creative with new colors and bold designs without committing to a huge piece that will dominate your living room. When you’re ready to move on to other wall art you can always repurpose your wall rug to a floor rug as an accent piece in a different room. 

In conclusion, however you decide to change your space this new year, just remember that your home should be the place you feel most comfortable and should reflect what you love. Trends come and go, but items that you fall in love with will remain favorites for years to come.