Factory-Made vs. Handmade Blankets: What’s the Difference?

Factory-Made vs. Handmade Blankets: What’s the Difference?

Throw blankets are great items to have in any home. From their stylish designs to their plush and luxurious textures, they’re the perfect way to add an element of warmth and comfort when you need it most. However, when it comes to making one of these purchases, individuals often find themselves wondering whether artisan-crafted or mass-produced blankets would be the better fit for them. Here are some of the core differences between factory-made and handmade blankets.

Materials Used

One of the first factors to keep in mind when browsing for a new throw blanket is the type of materials used. Manufacturers tend to use synthetic materials such as polyester and nylon to make their blankets. This is because these blends are cheaper to produce and consist of several different textiles from across the globe.

Handmade blankets, on the other hand, consist of more natural and fine resources such as raw wool and linen. Some of these blankets are even made with recycled cotton. Because these blankets are made with natural materials, they’re environmentally friendly, breathable, and soft.

Customization Options

Manufacturers and artisans also differ in the number of customization options they have. Since mass manufacturing aims to create as many products as possible quickly and cheaply, customers often have a select few designs to choose from. Having fewer design options reduces fulfillment time and allows businesses to send out orders in a more streamlined way. So, if you don’t like what they have in stock, you won’t have the option to purchase something else unless you look elsewhere.

Fortunately, handmade blankets can pick up the slack in this aspect. Handmade blanket designs come directly from the mind of the artisan, and since artisans make them one at a time, they can make changes on the fly. As such, artisanal throw blankets are easy to customize to specific preferences.

Product Uniqueness

Because they can be customized, handmade throw blankets tend to be the more unique of the two options. With the power to mix and match colors and patterns to suit your home’s design needs, you’re guaranteed a one-of-a-kind product that you can’t buy in most stores. As such, they’re a great way to add a touch of personal flair.

The artisan’s unique weaving techniques give their blankets an appearance specific to the artisan, whereas factory-made blankets are all created to look the same. Uniformity is necessary for factory-made blankets so they cost the same and use equal quantities of resources. So, while manufactured throws might look nice, your neighbor could have one just like it.

Overall Quality

The most important difference between factory-made and handmade blankets is in their quality. Factories produce their blankets quickly and do not quality-check them as rigidly as artisans. For this reason, you may notice more manufacturing errors with a store-bought product. Artisans, however, are incredibly dedicated to their craft and will ensure that a product meets their 100 percent satisfaction before shipping it.

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