Helpful Care Tips for Your Handmade Artisanal Home Décor

Helpful Care Tips for Your Handmade Artisanal Home Décor

When you’re looking to add a bit of luxury and class to your home’s design, there’s nothing like a handmade item to tie everything together. Not only are these pieces unique, but they’re incredibly beautiful—which is often the result of timeless techniques. But, if you’re going to own one of these fine items, you must know how to keep it looking its best. Use these helpful care tips for your handmade artisanal home décor to ensure every item is the accent or pop of color you need it to be.

For Textiles

Textiles are some of the most impactful pieces on a home’s overall aesthetic. Whether it’s an area rug or a plush throw blanket, the personalized patterns and colors they provide can have a profound impact on your home’s appearance. Unfortunately, though, these fibers are also very effective dust- and dander-catchers, making them somewhat tedious to keep clean for long periods of time. Here are a couple of things to consider.

Shake & Air Out Regularly

Though you can’t stop your artisanal rug or blankets from collecting dust, one of the best ways to prevent excessive buildup is to regularly shake it out. The sudden flow of air can help knock a lot of inground particles loose, sending them flying out into the yard in a large plume. From dirt and dust to dander and hair, it’s shocking what all comes out of your textile after giving it a good shake outdoors. Performing this practice every couple of weeks can keep these items clean and help prevent that matted-down and discolored look we all want to avoid.

Handwash Only

If you find that shaking is no longer doing the trick, it might be time for you to perform a deeper cleaning. Handmade textiles have a lot of vivid colors that can easily wash out in a standard washing machine. Because of this, it’s highly encouraged that you opt to handwash them instead. In most cases, washing with a mild soap and rinsing with cold water can help preserve the item’s appearance. For thicker items, like rugs, you’ll want to gently brush it out and let it air dry as well.

Avoid stain-removers at all cost, as they will burn the natural dyes. For sheep wool rugs, best practice is to dab stains with a paper towel or clean cloth, followed by lightly tapping them with water and a bit of soap. For tougher stains, trust on a professional rug cleaner.

For Ceramics & Artwork

If your handmade pieces are of the ceramic sort, like intricate vases and tableware, then you have a slightly different process ahead of you. Here are some additional care tips for your handmade artisanal home décor.

Dust With a Microfiber Cloth

First, make sure you’re dusting regularly with a light microfiber cloth. After all, the last thing you want is for scratches to start forming on your beautiful item. These cloths help remove all fine particles of dirt, dust, and hair without accidentally ruining the finish.

Make sure you know whether your dinnerware pieces are stoneware or terracotta: stoneware can usually be washed in the dishwasher, but terracotta is more delicate and requires hand washing.

Store With Care

It also helps to store these items properly and provide them with extra protection when on display. Keeping them inside cabinets, for example, can help prevent excessive dust buildup while providing extra security from passing traffic.

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