Interior Design: How a Pom Pom Pillow Can Jazz Up Your Home

Interior Design: How a Pom Pom Pillow Can Jazz Up Your Home

When you think of pom poms, you likely think of arts and crafts you did during your childhood. If you were passionate about pom poms growing up and this has followed you into adulthood, or if you just want a fun look for your space, why not add a few pom pom items to your home? We promise it will jazz it up and create a welcoming environment. 

Nowadays, you can get numerous pom pom decor items; you just need to know where to look like at Atacama Home to find them. Read our blog to learn more about pom poms, why they are an ideal decor item, and how you can implement this unique style into your home. 

What Are Pom Poms, and Why Are They the Perfect Interior Decor Item? 

In the past, one of the only places you would find pom poms was in an arts and crafts set. But in recent years, these baubles of fabric have become a popular adornment for furniture and decor. 

What exactly is a pom pom? If you’re unfamiliar with these fluffy balls, picture this: many strings of material tethered to a centered handle. With so many strings, it becomes a fluff ball that is as soft as it looks. 

Pom poms have become the perfect interior decor item because they can be attached to almost anything, including paintings, rugs, pillows, throws, and macrame artwork. They also come in various colors, sizes, and fabrics and can be customized according to your home's interior scheme. 

Why Do You Need a Pom Pom Pillow for Your Home?

So what’s the big deal with pom pom decor? Well, filling your home with pom pom decor items is one of the best and easiest ways to inject a dose of personality into any space, be it the bedroom, lounge, or study. 

Adding pom pom pillows to your home, like the Chamula striped throw pillow, shows off your fun personality and transforms mundane seating into a cozy and vibrant haven. 

In addition, a playful pom pom throw pillow adds a touch of texture that can elevate any decor theme, including bohemian, modern elegance, contemporary, and beach chic styles. Moreover, pom pom pillows are the epitome of affordable luxury decor items that bring life to a dull space since they effortlessly complement most stripes, patterns, and fabrics.

Decorate Your Home with Pom Poms: The Wrap-Up

If you want to add a pom pom pillow to your home, you might want to consider buying one instead of making one. They can be challenging to craft and will take up more time than you might be willing to lose. So, instead of learning how to add pom poms to a striped pillow (you can, but it’s a hassle), buy one from Atacama Home.