The Artisanal Home Decor Gift Guide You've Been Waiting For

The Artisanal Home Decor Gift Guide You've Been Waiting For
There are many reasons why people love artisanal home decor. Artisanal home decor is often made by expert artisans from natural materials and that provide four main benefits:


  • Artisans are masters of their craft, so the home decor item will be expertly constructed and expected to last for many years, if not decades. 
  • Handmade items are one of a kind, since it is impossible to recreate exactly any objects by hand. Your handmade item will be unlike anyone else’s
  • Natural materials means that the objects will be non-toxic and will not shed microplastics into your home or the environment. When it comes time to dispose of the object it will not leach harmful chemicals into the land. 
  • Artisanal products that are made with Fair Trade practices ensure that the people that are creating the products are paid fairly for their labor, so you are not supporting unfair labor practices and worker exploitation.

So it’s a great idea to get your friends and loved ones an artisanal handmade gift that they can treasure for years to come and will be special and unique. 

Here’s a helpful Gift Guide for every type of person in your life:

The Hostess (or Host)

Anyone who loves hosting parties and guests at their home would love these bold handmade and hand painted pitchers from Portugal. They come in three different sizes and can be used for warm cider, spiced wine, hot cocoa, mimosas, or just plain water. When not being used in a dinner party or family brunch they can hold a bouquet of flowers or dried branches in the center of your dinner table. 

handmade terracotta pitchers as gifts

The family of potters who create these beautiful pitchers have been making terracotta ceramics for the past 200 years. 

The Home Body

We all know someone who would rather cozy up with a blanket and a Netflix show than go out on a Friday night. A warm artisnal throw blanket is a great gift for anyone who loves to snuggle up and stay warm in the winter. These fuzzy throws are made in Spain from 100% mohair. The natural fiber construction means that this throw will keep you warm while still being breathable, ensuring against overheating. 

warm fuzzy mohair throw for the homebody in your life


The Christmas Fanatic

There’s likely someone in your life that always gets excited when this time of year comes around. Nothing makes them happier than decorating a tree and watching Christmas movies. This handmade wreath will let them keep their holiday decorations up all year long! Crafted by artisans from white raw cotton thread and gold nylon, this beautiful macrame-inspired wall hanging looks just as good in the summer time as it does in the holiday season. 

handmade artisanal wall hanging wreath with gold


The Home Decorator

Nothing will make the Home Decorator happier than another timeless piece of home decor to bright up their sofa this holiday season. These wool throw pillows come in many colors and geometric patterns that can fit in with almost any home, but unique enough to impress even the most discerning decorator. Leave the minimalist throw pillows at the store and give your loved one a warm pop of color to brighten up their home. 

wool colorful geometric pillow gifts

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