What You Need to Know About Caring for Mohair Throws

What You Need to Know About Caring for Mohair Throws

A mohair throw is one of the nicest throws you can buy for your lounge or bedroom. These throws are woven from rare angora goat wool found only in certain parts of the world. Some companies stock genuine luxurious mohair rugs, like Atacama Home, but many sell fake mohair throws. 

If you’re eager to get your hands on a genuine mohair throw, it’s a good idea to learn how to care for it. Unlike other types of throws, they cannot be washed with water (as they will lose their fluffiness and one can potentially damage them). In this blog, we’ll discuss caring for these gorgeous throws that come in all colors and sizes. 

What Is a Mohair Throw? Are They Good Decor Items?

As you now know, mohair throws are made from the wool of angora goats, which is why they have a lustrous sheen. Yet its gorgeous sheen isn’t the only thing that makes this throw a good decor item. 

It is also incredibly durable and resilient, so it’s perfect for high-traffic areas and curling up on the couch or sleeping in your bedroom. These throws are meant to be comfortable and elegant, so they cost more than others. However, their benefits outweigh their high price point since they are far superior to synthetic material blankets. 

How Do You Take Care of a Mohair Throw Blanket?

Like other fabric throws, mohair throws need to be cleaned when dirty. However, since mohair fabric is more delicate, it requires gentle care. 

The biggest care tip for these is brushing for small stains and general maintenance. For deeper cleaning, they need to be dry cleaned. Follow this advice to brush your mohair throw blanket: 

  1. Use a normal brush with strong teeth in the right direction of the sense of the hair. 
  2. Simply brush in one direction, if mohair hair stands up, you are brushing in the wrong direction.

That’s it. As long as you follow these steps, you shouldn’t have any issues taking care of your mohair throw. 

We advise to place the blankets far from any source of heat, as this may dry the tissue. 

Where Do You Buy Mohair Throws?

Quality mohair throw blankets from reputable decor shops like Atacama Home are easy to take care of, especially now that you know how to wash and brush them. They might be expensive, but they are worth the price point considering their durability, resilience, and beauty.