Silk and Llama Wool Double Fringed Throw Blanket

Silk and Llama Wool Double Fringed Throw Blanket

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Artisanal Llama and Silk Fringed Throw

A luxurious throw for your home made from natural llama wool and silk. This artisan home throw has a brown and white weave with brown fringe in a double weave pattern that is unique and eye catching. Pair the brown llama wool throw with a pop of color like in the photo or pair with a neutral color way. This throw looks great with warm colors in an organic modern or boho home decorations. 

Made by hand from natural fibers, this throw is warm and breathable while having high quality construction. It will match any modern home with ease. 

About the Artisans

Handmade by expert artisans in Patagonia and The Andes




This "Double" throw is extremely soft and elegant, made by hand of 100% baby llama wool and bamboo silk, with special details throughout the piece. It's light and soft, the mix of baby llama wool with silk creates a versatile piece that can be a beautiful decorative touch in different parts of your home.

Care Instructions

Hand wash in room temperature water. Use neutral soap. Carefully remove excess water and lie to dry in a shaded area.

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