Awanay Austral Flat Weave Rug

Awanay Austral Flat Weave Rug

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Custom rugs can be made in any size and shape. We charge per square foot. You can calculate your square footage by multiplying the length and width of your desired rug and multiplying by the square foot price. There is also a nominal fee for shipping. Lead times is about 14-16 weeks.

For custom order questions, quotes, orders, or to see a sample in person, please email us at

This artisanal natural area rug is woven with different colors of un-dyed and dyed wool. 

Each rug hand woven in the remote area of the Dry Forest of Northern Argentina, using age old methods and created out of pure hand spun sheep wool. It is a unique textile and takes about two months to make. Available in the flat weave, medium weave, soga (nubby) weave.

Since the rug is dyed with natural pigments, it will have some natural variations in tones, which contributes to the organic beauty of the rug.

This Rug comes in the Baeton texture:

Baeton is a flat weave texture (kilim construction but thicker and heavier): 0.2” thick 

About the Artisans

Each rug is made by hand by expert artisans. The wool is hand-dyed, hand-spun, and handwoven all in the same community by families that have been creating these traditional Argentinian rugs for generations. By choosing AWANAY textiles you are supporting the work of talented rural artisans living in inaccessible areas in northern Argentina. Every rug is created under fair trade practices.


Any size


100% sheep wool

Care Instructions

Don't use stain removers. Sheep wool is naturally stain repellant and doesn't absorb liquids. To clean a stain, tap gently with a lukewarm wet cloth, gentle soap, and white vinegar. Never scrub. Vacuum regularly following the direction of the weave. Do not use a brush nor a high suction mode. If professional cleaning is needed, make sure it's done by a pure wool cleaning expert.

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