4 Tips for Styling Handcrafted Throw Pillows in Your Home

4 Tips for Styling Handcrafted Throw Pillows in Your Home

If you’ve ever felt like your living spaces might need more color, handcrafted throw pillows are the answer. Specifically, handmade pillows allow you to make more unique choices with textiles rather than limiting yourself to mass-produced options.

Putting together a set of throw pillows can turn an average room into a luxurious space. Here are four tips for styling handcrafted throw pillows in your home to boost your home’s style.

Pick Your Canvas

The first step to styling your handcrafted throw pillows is to pick where they’ll go, especially if you want your cushions to have an actual function. For example, a sofa will need pillows that support the lower back, such as knife-edge lumbar pillows or square flanged pillows. The same rules apply to chairs, whether they’re love seats, benches, or recliners.

Couches, on the other hand, require neck support. Neckroll pillows are among the more popular decorative pillows and ensure comfort while lying down. Decorative crescent pillows or half-cylinder pillows are some other great choices. You can also apply these ideas to deck chairs if the pillows have covers with the appropriate fabrics.

Select a Color

Picking a color is the hardest step in the process because of all the choices. But remember to look at the space and take in its primary colors. Selecting hues is more than just mixing and matching opposite or similar options—colors have undertones as well. Colors can possess cool or warm undertones that you should use to create cohesion or contrast.

You can choose hues that contrast each other, such as a soft beige with a striking orange. The different undertones can help the orange stand out when next to the understated beige. While there certainly are exceptions to any rule, you can follow these if you’re having trouble getting started.

Choose an Accent

None of your throw pillows need to be a solid color, especially your accent pillow. Your accent pillow should have a color your main pillows don’t feature. You can decide whether you want to choose something mainly cool, warm, or both. To continue to use the soft beige and orange example, you could use a blue or yellow pillow with your choice of undertone.

Throw On Accessories

To push the style of your throw pillows even further, you can place throw blankets, decorative couch covers, and arm tray tables next to them. Blankets add an extra cozy touch to whatever furniture you’re decorating and have a function aside from decorating. Couch covers don’t have to be simply for protection either. They can add texture, pattern, and flare if you’re looking to add dimension to your throw pillow set.

These four tips for styling handcrafted throw pillows in your home aren’t hard rules by any means. Instead, these are starting points to help you find your inner interior designer. You can decorate your handcrafted throw pillows in whatever way makes you happy. So take hold of your creative spirit and get decorating!