Add Distinction to Your Home with Vintage Artisan Blue Throw Pillows

Add Distinction to Your Home with Vintage Artisan Blue Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are essential items when decorating your home and making an impression. They are the cherry on top of where your guests rest: the couch and the bed.

Blue is possibly the most natural color on earth, as it resonates with the vastness of both the sea and sky. This makes for a versatile complementary color for just about anything. At the same time, blue occurs in the fewest number of living things, making it the rarest color in nature. This makes it especially unique.

The qualities of the color blue reflect the qualities of blue throw pillows. They pair extremely well with many couches and beds but are one of a kind in their own right. Because they require personal craftsmanship from skilled artisans in their hand painting and vintage materials, each pillow has an identity of its own that cannot be replicated.

Here are the main things to know about light blue throw pillows, including their color pairings, their individuality, and their maintenance. 

Which Couch Colors Pair with Light Blue Throw Pillows?

When it comes to beauty, nature leads the way. With blue throw pillows, you can capture the essence of Mother Nature while making a vibrant impression. More common natural colors like brown or green will not achieve the same stand-out factor.

White couches are a strong choice for light blue throw pillows. Their neutrality will highlight the natural beauty of blue the same way white clouds do with the sky. Cream, off-white, and other light colors are suited to blue throw pillows for the same reason. Grey is another option that pairs with blue, as the balance between dullness and vibrancy looks beautiful and modern.

A blue couch is the perfect option for light blue throw pillows. The transition of color works seamlessly. Light blue throw pillows are a great option for a brown couch. Brown is very common in nature, so it acts as a great darker canvas for more vibrant colors to stand out. 

Hand-Painted Vintage Linen Blue Throw Pillows: Why They Are Sure to Make an Impression

When you buy hand-painted linen throw pillows made by artisans, they will leave an instant impression on any guests in your home. For one, the vintage linen is unlike any other common material and truly conveys heritage (even to those who don’t know much about home décor).

The linen itself is sourced from Eastern Europe, and the pillows are hand-made by artisans on the Spanish island of Palma de Mallorca. With a filling of hypoallergenic duck down/feathers, these pillows are about as luxurious as they come. To top it off, each and every pillow is hand-painted with hand-mixed pigments for layered texture and depth. 

With the color resembling the Mediterranean sea and sky, all-natural materials, and fully hand-made labor, vintage linen blue throw pillows are more than decoration they’re stories.

Are Blue Linen Throw Pillows Durable and Easy to Clean? 

Because of their quality, these pillows are extremely durable if cared for properly. This includes cleaning and storage.

You might be wondering: How do you wash throw pillows? You can clean them, of course, but taking good care of them is important. Because these pillows are like paintings, you want to dry-clean them instead of washing them. We recommend taking them to a trusted dry cleaner once a month. 

Can you use throw pillows outside? You should avoid leaving the pillows outside, as sunlight could tarnish the stunning aspect of the dyes. 

Blue throw pillows can be stunning when presented and cared for. Their quality and hand-curated essence bring a piece of nature into your home.