Meet the artisans of Casa Cubista: Handmade & hand painted terracotta pieces from Portugal

Meet the artisans of Casa Cubista: Handmade & hand painted terracotta pieces from Portugal

Atacama Home and Casa Cubista: A match made in heaven

Atacama Home is proud to be the exclusive representative of Casa Cubista in California. We have been partnering with Arren, David, Rui, Katharina and the entire Casa Cubista team since the very beginning of our brand in 2017-2018, and we’ve been working together ever since!

Casa Cubista is not your ordinary ceramics studio. Every piece is hand thrown on a potter's wheel, and hand painted with colorful glazes by one family in Algarve, Southern Portugal. Each piece is imbued with 200 years of the skill and knowledge of pottery passed down by this one family. 

All about the Casa Cubista Family:

Rui makes each and every piece by hand on his potter's wheel in his studio on the sunny hills of Algarve. He is a master on the potter's wheel (he started in the family business when he was 8). His aunt, Regina, is the one who painstakingly hand paints every piece with the distinctive Casa Cubista patterns. 

You can see Regina's brushstrokes on every piece, which creates the organic aesthetic that makes this collection unique. You'll also often find one or two of Rui's fingerprints on a plate or pitcher. We feel this evidence of human hands enhances the character of the dinnerware and makes each and every piece unique and unreproducible. 

Casa Cubista also makes the bold graphic pillows that we carry in our showroom in West Hollywood. Rui (different Rui -it’s a common name in Portugal!) and Fernanda are the talented couple behind the small family-owned mill that weaves all of our recycled cotton pillows. We love their passion, drive and creativity, and watching Rui spin yarn from dozens of different colors of thread recycled from the fashion industry is a thing to behold.

New colors come to Atacama Home

Originally, the founder of Atacama Home, Dora Medrano, fell in love with the bold black and white terracotta pieces. She had a particular love of black and white home decor, and this signature collection fit perfectly with the other pieces in the store. We have carried the black and white graphic collection ever since, and still do! But now we also have some new pieces in yellow, blue, green, pink, teal, and mauve. Check them out in the new Colorful Casa Cubista collection, just in time for spring. 

The new Cabana Collection comes in pink, green, and blue, featuring alternating stripes like you would see in a summer cabana. We also brought back the very popular blue graphic plates and bowls, available in the Ray and Dash patterns. Our pitchers and vases have also gotten an upgrade: we now have blue and green Medium Striped pitchers available, as well as teal and mauve Bold Stripe vases. And last but not least, we have a gorgeous bright yellow jug that screams summer, and is perfect for serving mimosas, juices, and your favorite summer cocktails. 

We hope you enjoyed learning about our artisan partners, Casa Cubista. Come to our showroom in West Hollywood in the Melrose Design District to see them for yourself!