Tips for Choosing a New Artisan Throw Pillow for Your Home

Tips for Choosing a New Artisan Throw Pillow for Your Home

You may struggle to select the right pillows for your home because of how many styles, colors, and sizes there are to choose from. Even if you know many of the names, dyes, and sizes, how do you find the perfect match? This article will give you a few tips to keep in mind so that you can choose a new artisan throw pillow for your home.

Stick to a Color Palette

As with any home design, you need to stick to a cohesive color palette. This means that you can either choose pillows that are the same color but in different saturations or pillows that contrast in colors, such as blue and gold. Doing this will prevent your throw pillows from looking mismatched and help whatever piece of furniture you choose to look unified rather than appearing like someone just threw pillows haphazardly on it.

Combine the Simple and the Complex

You also have a few options with the patterns on the pillows. You can stick to one solid print and one complex print if you would rather have something simpler overall. But if you feel like getting fancy with your throw pillows, pick one solid print, one small print, and one large print. Ideally, you want to guide the eye, so make sure your boldest pillows aren’t hiding behind solid ones.

Keep It Large to Small

The large-to-small rule is specifically for couches, benches, or lounges. With beds, though, you have more room to play with the layers. Ideally, your smallest pillow should be at the couch’s center. Typically, this smaller pillow will act as lumbar support and won’t push guests to the edges of their seats. The larger pillows are for people to lean or rest on, especially if the arm of the seat is too hard.

Use Symmetry

No matter what furnishing you put your throw pillows on, the pillows should be symmetrical. It’s one of the only ways to prevent your pillows from looking like you hastily threw them onto the bed. The thoughtfulness of the placement of your pillows is part of what makes the overall design stand out. So when choosing artisan home pillows, you’ll likely want to buy pairs for whatever will be at the ends of your furniture.

Keeping these tips in mind when choosing a new artisan throw pillow for your home will help make your overall design cohesive. It’ll also bring attractiveness to any room.