Llama Wool Pillows and Throws

Throws, Blankets, and Pillows made from Organic Llama Wool

Llama wool is a very unique and beautiful textile. Every pillow and throw in this collection is made from the wool of free-range llamas living in the Dry Forest of Northern Argentina. Long necked, big eyed, and fluffy, these cut animals are a great source of wool for many textile uses. 

Llama wool has many characteristics that distinguish it from sheep wool. It has little to no lanolin so it is fairly lightweight and has a hollow core which makes it great as an insulator. It shrinks little in washing and has little to no memory, making it ideal for woven fabric like pillows and throws. It's also water repellent. 

Llama wool cannot be dyed, so the colors that are available in the pillows, throws, and blankets that are available are the natural colors that the llamas come in, including white, brown or camel/tan, different shades of gray, and black.