Casa Cubista Segment Pattern Dinner and Salad Plates

Casa Cubista Segment Pattern Dinner and Salad Plates

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A bold plate or for your kitchen

Casa Cubista dinner and salad plates boast a bold, black and white segment pattern. Unique in design, these plates are perfect for dinner parties and a whimsical touch to your kitchen or home decor. An ideal hostess gift, Casa Cubista dishes will elevate your dinner serving experience.

Handmade and hand painted ceramics from Southern Portugal, these beautiful pieces for your table will add a modern and graphic touch and are perfect to mix and match. The Dash pattern is available in the following sizes:



About the Artisans

Rui's family has been in the pottery business for over 200 years, and we're proud to continue that tradition with him on all of our terracotta ware. Just about every piece we sell is thrown by Rui on the potter's wheel (he started in the family business when he was 8), and is then painted by his aunt Regina.


Salad Plate Size: 9”x1.2”
Dinner Plate Size: 10.5”x1.2”



Care Instructions

Prior to first use, piece should be washed by hand in hot soapy water, well rinsed and allowed to air dry. To maintain the integrity of the pieces, dishwasher use is not recommended. The base of jugs, mugs and vases may initially sweat -this is normal and will decrease over time.

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