Hand Carved Bowls in White Marble - Multiple Sizes

Hand Carved Bowls in White Marble - Multiple Sizes

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An elegant marble bowl for your coffee table

Hand carved from white marble, these bowls are the perfect understated accent for your home. Artisanally crafted, each bowl is a unique piece that will elevate the look of any living room. With multiple sizes available, you can choose the right one to suit your space. Enjoy the timeless elegance of marble for your decor.

These bowls are made from hand cut Blanco Bego white marble from Morelos, Mexico. Each piece is carved from a solid block of marble and has a unique veining pattern that makes each bowl a unique work of art. 

We offer black marble bowls in three different sizes. You can choose form the variations at the top of the page. Due to natural variations in the marble, each piece will have different veining patterns.


About the Artisans

Hand carved by expert artisans in Mexico.


The Grande bowl measures: 12" diameter x 5.5"H
The Ming bowl measures 12" diameter x 4"H
The Chica bowl measures: 8" diameter x 4"H


Our artisanal accessories for the home rely on our passion for the natural expression of materials. Honoring craftsmanship, we design unique pieces based on values of wellbeing. The raw material we use is marble, a stone that has been around for centuries and is present in the historic memory of human beings as a reference for luxury and solemnity. The material is transformed into pieces of design that enrich our everyday life and experience. Marble transcends utilitarian ends and becomes an art.

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