About Us ( Backup )

So this is us, Javier Carbo and Dora Medrano, we’re the founders of Atacama Home.
As 30 year veterans of US Hispanic Market advertising our experience with our production company, Carbo Films (www.carbofilms.com), has shaped us deeply in several ways. We feel very strongly about giving a face to our community and smashing stereotypes, it’s what we’ve achieved with our commercials throughout the years and what we intend to do with home decor. We have also been lucky enough to have travelled throughout Latin America, meeting wonderful people and constantly discovering hand made treasures to fill up our suitcases with. We know that there is a whole part of the world that is underrepresented in the design community, that’s not very well known and quite misunderstood. Latin America is experiencing a creative boom, from world class cuisine in Peru to innovative design in Mexico, fine art in Cuba to cutting edge fashion in Argentina and beyond. We are excited to serve as curators and co-creators of luxury home décor from this very special part of the world.Dora & Javier in San Miguel    
We started Atacama Home to embrace all the things that are important in our lives, home, beauty, community, humanity, culture, uniqueness.
We believe that our personal spaces deserve designs with a soul, a story and a purpose. We have created sustained relationships with artisan partners and support fair wages, safe working environments and a direct investment into artisan entrepreneurs. Our products are sourced from the earth, using natural dyes culled mainly from plant life and raw materials that can be traced down to their exact origin. Our artisan partners take environmental responsibility not just as an anecdote but as a way of life.
We believe that filling a home with beauty creates a positive impact in people’s lives and supporting craft and tradition can have a huge impact in our artisan partner’s lives. As the world becomes increasingly homogenized and generic we celebrate the power of the unique and the hand made as tools to share human stories and connect lives.
And most importantly, THE MAKERS
Please check back with us as we update our artisan's stories, there are so many wonderful, talented, generous people responsible for the beautiful objects we are lucky enough to be able to offer and we'd love for you to know them as well. Here are just a few images to give you an idea of who is behind the products.
More to come!