New Collections

A group of black and transparent decor vases and bowls from baron y vicar


 Baron y Vicario

The Baron y Vicario collection is born during the pandemic, with the purpose of not only creating lasting one of a kind pieces made by hand, but also maintaining a fair wage and work flow for a group of artisans who specialize in handmade resin and who were on the brink of closing their generations old workshop. Each piece in the collection is created with a social and cultural awareness, responsibility and commitment to Raul’s home country, Mexico.

Inspired by the pre-Hispanic and mystical heritage of his country, the objects within the Baron y Vicario collection are a return to the basics, the essence of the pre-Hispanic worldview and the exploration of a mystical Mexico that brings light out of the shadows.


Jose Luis Bazan works in his leather making studio


José Luis Bazan

José Luis Bazan has been creating unique high-end leather products for 50 years in his studio in the village of Ubrique, hidden in the mountains of Southern Spain. He’s learned from the top leather masters, and has co-designed and created pieces for the most exclusive design and fashion houses like Loewe and Louis Vuitton.

We're proud to feature his handmade luxury painted leather bowls on our website and at our showroom in West Hollywood. Now exclusively for the US market through Atacama Home.



A space jewelry sculpture handmade in Mexico by expert artisans from recycled materials


Space Jewelry from Queretaro

We're teaming up with the designers and artisans from Caralarga to bring you these unique sculptural pieces are meant to decorate your home and make any space more beautiful.

Caralarga is a textile design and production workshop inspired by nature’s raw materials, transforming them into high quality artisanal pieces. They use raw cotton threads and textile waste discarded for tiny production error, as well as the fiber extracted from the sansevieria plant and recycled bull horn, working hand in hand with the artisans who have preserved the knowledge regarding ancient techniques and the protection of nature.

Originally jewelry creators, they ventured into creating larger, more complex pieces culminating in interior decor pieces that seek to transform spaces through timeless designs that highlight the kindness of raw materials.

The creation of a Space Jewelry piece represents a whole cultural and creative background built in community.