New Collections


The Anna Ceramics Collection

Atacama Home in West Hollywood has partnered with a studio founded by a mother and daughter team that seeks to honor traditional craftsmanship and combine it with modern techniques  to create simple, durable and functional pieces that are beautiful and unique. 

Every piece is handmade by expert artisans in their workshop in Mexico City following fair trade practices and making sure to have the least impact on the environment as possible. 


Space Jewelry from Queretaro

We're teaming up with the designers and artisans from Queretaro, Mexico bring you these unique sculptural pieces are meant to decorate your home and make any space more beautiful.

These wall hangings come from a textile design and production workshop inspired by nature’s raw materials, transforming them into high quality artisanal pieces. They use raw cotton threads and textile waste discarded for tiny production errors as well as the fiber extracted from the sansevieria plant and recycled bull horn, working hand in hand with the artisans who have preserved the knowledge regarding ancient techniques and the protection of nature.

Originally jewelry creators, they ventured into creating larger, more complex pieces culminating in interior decor pieces that seek to transform spaces through timeless designs that highlight the kindness of raw materials.

The creation of a Space Jewelry Wall Hanging piece represents a whole cultural and creative background built in community. These beautiful and unique wall decor items are perfect to decorate your bedroom walls or add rustic beauty to your living room and dining area. Come see our in stock selection at our showroom in West Hollywood. 


A New Photography Collection from Mashka Voylokov

Mashka Voylokov spent many years working as a retoucher, photo editor and master printer at one of Los Angeles’s oldest and most respected print shops. Her work appears in the photo books of celebrities like David Lynch and Jeff Bridges. She’s printed individual editions for musicians like Iggy Pop, David Lee Roth, and Victory Tischler-Blue. Notable gallery shows that included her editing and print work include veteran LA photographers like Estevan Oriol, Melvin Sokolsky, and Gregory Bojorquez. Directors like Mark Romanek and Autumn De Wilde have also hired her for retouching and color correction work. Her archival retouching and colorizing work has appeared in countless Taschen art books.

After years of working behind the scenes, Mashka is releasing her own collection of fine art landscape and cityscape photography. Since arriving in Los Angeles as a refugee at five years old, Mashka has been in love with the enigmatic beauty of Southern California and has set out to capture it in her photography work.