The Best Ways To Add a Splash of Color to Any Living Space

The Best Ways To Add a Splash of Color to Any Living Space

From the rustic Tuscany-inspired kitchen to the modern townhouse bedroom all the way to the vintage Victorian reading room, everyone wants their home to fit the design in their mind’s eye. Every home design or aesthetic has one thing in common—color. No matter how neutral or minimalist a home or a room’s design may be, you still need that pop of color to really tie a dream home together. That’s why this article will be your quick on-hand guide for the best ways to add a splash of color to any living space.

The Living Room

Undoubtedly the champion of color in the living room is the ever-reliable rug. Because they come in a variety of textures, patterns, and colors, you can find a rug to fit any aesthetic. And the best part is that because they’re usually placed in the center of the room, under the furniture, they add color and draw the eye to your furniture without stealing the show. 

Matching throw pillows or a throw blanket can also move the eye around the room to draw attention to any desired piece of furniture. The same rule applies to any centerpiece or artwork you put on coffee or end tables.

The Kitchen

Kitchens can be difficult to decorate because they’re not always as spacious or extensive as living rooms. If you’re looking to show off your countertops or dining table, you want to stick with the sturdy and the functional, as a sculpture or nonfunctional centerpiece can feel odd and out of place. Graphic and bold platters can be both beautiful and functional.

Don’t shy away from the classic serving tray of fruit bowl either. These décor staples can be just as beautiful and functional while showing off a little bit of luxury to potential guests. When hosting brunch or dinner, they’ll be sure to get an eyeful of those vibrant additions.

The Bathroom

The bathroom is the most utilitarian room in the house. So make it homier by putting that plant you’ve been meaning to pot in a vibrant ceramic planter on a shelf or the floor or spice up your toothbrush or razor holder in a sturdy decorative cup. This is your place to get whimsical, so anyone using your bathroom has something interesting to look at.

Your bathroom is also the place to add as much playful wall art as you want. You can keep it classy, funny, or minimalist in a bathroom as many typical décor “rules” don’t apply here.

The Bedroom

Much like the living room, the best way to add a splash of color is with a rug, throw pillow, throw blanket, or all three if you’re going for the bold and the beautiful. However, keep in mind that whether this is a guest or main bedroom, you want your additions to be comfortable. Throw blankets and decorative pillows are great ways to draw the eye to a gorgeous bed or chaise, but if they’re stiff, flimsy, or uncomfortable, it’s a waste of your hard-earned décor money.

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