Green Woven Placemat

Green Woven Placemat

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A colorful handwoven tray for your dinning table

Our woven placemats are ideal for organizing your tabletop. Perfect for any eye-catching dinner set, it adds a unique charm to any meal. These placemats will nicely compliment any table and are versatile in their use. A lovely addition to any to any tabletop, the bright and colorful green accents will beautifully display near anything.

The Monserrate Mountain sits 3,000m above sea level and is located in the heart of Bogotá. Considered by the Muisca people a sacred mountain before the Spanish conquest, this mountain received its name from the Montserrat in Catalonia. Today, Monserrate is one of the most visited mountains in Bogotá where people enjoy the beautiful cityscape view of the capital of Colombia.

About the Artisans

Handmade by a woman artisan cooperative in the town of Guacamayas, Boyacá, Colombia using the traditional technique of basket coiling.


14” in diameter & .5” in height*

*Natural variations in size may occur


100% natural un-dyed and dyed fique from Colombia

Fique is a cellulose fiber commonly known as cabuya. It is a sustainable fiber because it requires little water and no pesticides to grow and harvest.

Care Instructions

For the best lifetime of fique baskets and products is to keep them dry and indoors. Avoid submerging in water. If used as a planter, I recommend using it as a cache basket, and not as the direct container of soil & water.

If using outdoors, I would recommend in a covered porch/roofed area. Excessive direct exposure to sun could cause natural wear/discoloration over time, but it would take a really long time for that to happen!

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