Half Moon Moonstone Necklace

Half Moon Moonstone Necklace

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This beautiful necklace features a half-moon cutout pendant and a 19" long chain with a 2' extender. The gemstone in the middle of the pendant is a lovely white moonstone. 

Add some celestial flair to any winter look with these gold-plated gemstone necklaces. Perfect for the beach, vacation, or any boho-style occasion, the light and stylish design is sure to be a favorite.

About the Artisans

All the jewelry from this line handmade at a studio in Mexico City. Patricia, who is Mexican, is the founder and creative director, working with her partner Hector who is from Spain. It is this mixture of cultures that allows the jewelry they create together to have its own universe, creating an imaginary world full of shapes, colors and textures, in which ethnicity and design are in a continuous game. That is why their studio is named after La Malinche, considered by some to be a folk hero and by some to be a traitor for being translator and consort to Spanish conquistador, Cortes.


19" long


Moonstone gemstone

22 carat gold plated brass

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