Rauli Hand Carved Solid Wood Mortar and Pestle

Rauli Hand Carved Solid Wood Mortar and Pestle

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This beautiful Rauli Hand Carved Solid Wood Mortar and Pestle is crafted from solid wood, creating a warm, natural look perfect for any rustic or organic-modern kitchen. Its minimalist, artisanal design makes this cooking tool the perfect practical gift.

We love using it to grind our spices for cooking and for tea. We often grind fresh Chai spices in it to make the perfect Chai tea latte with freshly ground cardamom, cinnamon, star anise, cloves, ginger, and fennel.

About the Artisans

This Rauli Wooden Mortar & Pestle is hand-carved by Fernando in a small town named Liquine surrounded by the Andes Mountains, Volcanoes, and Lakes in the South of Chile. Fernando uses the traditional indigenous techniques of the Mapuche people to carve the stool. The type of wood used is named 'Rauli' in Spanish, also know as "Chilean mahogany'. Wood Carving in the South of Chile is one of the most traditional manifestations of the indigenous Mapuche people, inherited from generation to generation, where they use native fallen wood from the forests.


Measurements can vary slightly due to hand carved nature:

4.8" in. x 4.8" in x 4" in


The wood used for this piece is from the 'Rauli' tree, also known as 'Chilean mahogany'. These trees are harvested using sustainable methods that do not harm the environment.

Care Instructions

These pieces are perfectly safe for practical use. You can treat them like any other wooden cutting board or bowl. Every once in a while, add wood oil to spruce them up. Besides that, they are fine to wash just as normal.
As with any type of wooden kitchen piece, we don't recommend soaking wood in the sink.

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