Triple Bottletree with Brevifolia Mounds in Handmade Pot

Triple Bottletree with Brevifolia Mounds in Handmade Pot

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This houseplant arrangement is three Bottletree (Brachychiton Rupestris) trunks planted among Brevifolia mounds in a shallow handmade stone basin. It's now available for local pickup only at our showroom in West Hollywood, CA. Planted and nurtured in Los Angeles and housed in a handmade basin with decorative gravel and driftwood elements, this is the perfect low maintenance elegant houseplant for your home. 

The trip of thin trunks and long leaves makes this tree the perfect addition to a modern minimalist home decor, and the neutral brown textured stone basin it's planted in goes with any color scheme.

Please note that each plant is a unique living thing and may not look exactly like the plants in the photos. 

LOCAL PICKUP ONLY - due to the delicate nature of live plants, we cannot ship them. 

About the Artisans

We are proud to partner with Rob, who started his plant studio out of a truck. Originally a rolling garden, he’s grown into the homes of celebrities and the ultra-successful alike by relying on his deep knowledge-base cultivated by a lifelong love of plants. From humble, midwestern roots, Rob recognized an opportunity to service elevated plant enthusiasts in the greater LA area with a thoughtful, customer first approach. When Rob’s not in his happy place (hands deep in potting soil), you can find him with his dog, Emmitt.


Pot/Basin: 7in tall by 24in Diameter
Plant: 65in tall by 45in wide


Ceramic, soil, pebbles, live plants

Care Instructions

Light: Thrives in full sun to moderate shade.
Moisture: Drought-tolerant; moderate watering, especially in spring and summer (water when 1-2 on moisture meter)
Fertilizer: Apply a balanced, water-soluble fertilizer every 3-4 months.
Pruning: Minimal pruning needed, remove dead or diseased branches.
Brevifolia mounds: Maintain moderate moisture, misting rosettes weekly and watering the soil at the same cadence as your tree - water less in fall and minimally in winter.

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