Braided Arch Space Jewelry Sculpture

Braided Arch Space Jewelry Sculpture

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A braided sculpture to decorate your mantle

This beautiful sculpture features an arch made from braided raw cotton thread with tassels tied with mauve, blue, and burnt siena sansevieria fiber on the ends. It sits on a galvanized metal stand. It's perfect to be displayed on a mantle, as a centerpiece on your dining table, on a bookshelf, or a coffee table. It brings an organic, natural beauty to any home. 

Made in Queretaro, Mexico, Space Jewelry is meant to decorate and beautify your home the way that an earring or a necklace beautifies your body. Inspired by fringed and braided jewelry made in the same studio, these unique handmade sculptures are like nothing you've seen before. 

About the Artisans

Made from raw cotton threads and textile waste discarded for tiny production errors, as well as the fiber extracted from the sansevieria plant, and recycled bull horn, the designers worked hand in hand with artisans who have preserved the knowledge regarding ancient techniques and the protection of nature.

The creation of a Space Jewelry piece represents a whole cultural and creative background built in community.


14.5in tall, 12in wide


MDF figure mounted on handmade blacksmith piece, with cotton and tinted cotton details.

Care Instructions

Brush the cotton thread with a wide tooth comb or brush, delicately, at least once every six months. Clean the piece only with a clean, slightly damp, towel.

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