Chilean Copper Ceremonial Platter

Chilean Copper Ceremonial Platter

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An etched copper platter with green patina

This Chilean Copper Ceremonial Platter is a handmade masterpiece of rustic beauty, featuring traditional etched animal figures and oxidized green patina. It offers an artisanal touch of indigenous art to any home decor. Authentically crafted in Chile, the platter is natural and robust - an ideal reflection of the country's culture and spirit.

This plate was awarded the Unesco and Latin American Prize in 2014, and was one of the diplomatic gifts granted by the State of Chile.

About the Artisans

Cristian and his uncle Eduardo work together to bring these unique decor pieces to the design world. Eduardo is the artisan, who creates each copper piece by hand in his studio in the Atacama desert in Chile.

In his workshop, located at the end of the world, on the Isla Grande de Chiloé in Chile, Reyes uses copper as a support for the creation of pieces that recreate, through the techniques of engraving and oxidation, the collective memory of the spiritual and aesthetic cosmos of the pre-Columbian universe.


15.7" Dia



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