Color Block Mohair Blanket Throw

Color Block Mohair Blanket Throw

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Cozy Throw Blankets for your Home

This Color Block Mohair Blanket Throw is the perfect way to add a cozy, pastel-hued touch to any room in the house. Its handmade Spanish construction ensures superior quality, while its fuzzy, warm materials are sure to bring you comfort and add a stylish accent to your living room or bedroom.

These incredibly soft and warm mohair blankets come in a wide range of beautiful colors, in solid and color-blocked designs by Ezcaray. 

About the Artisans

The company that makes these beautiful throws is called Mantas Ezcaray and it was founded in 1930 in La Rioja, Northern Spain, by Cecilio Valgañón, who transformed the hand loom processes of turning woolen cloth into handkerchiefs, scarves, shawls and blankets. They do not sell online, only through other retailers or in their workshop in La Rioja.
Their master craftsmen use only the best natural fibers, painstakingly turning them into the finest finished products using traditional skills.





Care Instructions

For spot cleaning, use a brush with strong teeth in the direction of the hair. For deeper cleaning, please dry-clean.

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